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Saturday February 28, 2015

This is a product placement post for which, unfortunately, I am not being paid. 

Cody recently bought a Lupine Betty headlamp, the self-proclaimed brightest headlamp in the world.

4,500 lumens aren't cheap, my friends. This headlamp costs about $1,000.

Let me just repeat that. We bought a headlamp that costs $1000.

Concerned that maybe our relationship lacked a voice of financial reason, I asked some friends what they thought, and our buddy Adam re-assured me that the Lupine Betty is a totally reasonable headlamp (for Bill Gates).

Thanks, Adam! When the Lupine Betty came, Cody held it up in his hands and proclaimed, "There is no more night. There is only DAY."

I'm not going to lie to you. We fucking love this headlamp. Last week we were in Bishop and bouldered at night in the Buttermilks, and I think it gave me a slight tan. 

Then we headed to Red Rocks where I got to a new high point on my bouldering project, which means I climbed 6 inches further than last month. Fuck this sport.

Cody sent Monster Skank 13b, Monkey Bars Direct V8 (pictured below), and we got to climb with one of our most favorite and funnest climbing partners, Christine C. 

Now we are back in the Bay, about to head out the door to Dogpatch, and then to SFO to pick up THE AUSTRIAN INVASION

To be continued...