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Tuesday July 14, 2015

Six weeks ago, we had our ceremony on the East Side. By that morning, the fact that I was going to put on a long white dress, Cody was going to wear a suit, friends we hadn't seen in years kept showing up and hugging the bejesus out of us, we were going to read our intensely personal vows to everyone, AND THERE WOULD BE CAKE, had combined into some kind of insane joy spiral in my mind that had loosened my grip on reality. Wedding <=> ketamine trip.

Following some genius advice from our friend Matt, the morning of the wedding we took our friends and family to Matrimony Wall outside of Mammoth. It's a nice little beginner crag with some short, fun 5.10's. Also ideal for the family members and corgis among us is the 10 second approach. I wouldn't really recommend the crag for a regular day out, but it was wedding perfection. 

Here are some awesome things that happened.

  1. Our parents climbed. Cody's mom and dad climbed for the first time EVER, and my Aunt Judy showed me how stemming is done.
  2. Our friends who climb taught and belayed our friends who don't. It was really cute.
  3. My grip on reality returned.

Driving back to town around noon to start getting ready, I felt really relaxed and happy. We'd spent the morning outside in the sunshine, hanging out with the people we love. What more could you as for on your wedding day?

And Jim and Avery took some cool photos:

Here's Antoine demonstrating some European technique on a 5.12 around the corner.

Me looking a little gripped as always.

My super cool Aunt Judy. I love her hat.

Leslie high stepping. I'm realizing how on point our wedding guest's headwear was for this session.

Vinnie also looking good in red. Clearly this is not these guys' first climbing photo shoot.

Cody's Dad!!!!! 

Cody teaching his mom. Why don't I ever get the foot assist, I ask you?